23 December 2014

11 December 2014



                       Time flies,  I haven't post for a while, my last writing was in September.
                                   It doesn't mean that I was being idle, I have been in Holland and Turkey
                          and I  cross stitched some towels and a few little gift bags or sachets for the wardrobe.
                        Also I did a back work project and some other cross stitch projects
                                  The pictures of all my creations I will show in the  following posts.
                         But I have to warn you,  there can be some delay.
                                   In 2015 there will be some big changes in my life.
                        First I am gonna be a grandmother for the first time, how wonderful is that! and
                          in February we are saying goodbye to Rio de Janeiro and say hello to
                             New Orleans.


                                     I made this towel for my portuguese teacher Andréa for teachers day.

17 September 2014


My friend Mariette got in June a breast cancer scare. She went through a very difficult time, but she had a lot of support of her  family, friends and her faith in God.
At this moment she is happy and healthy  and to celebrate this, I cross stitched these flowers and butterfly for her.

3 August 2014


I fell in love with this sweet Gorjuss design and when I was in Holland I bought the required colours  of DMC stranded cotton  for it. Back in Rio I stacked all that stuff away in my study, art room.

One day I was waiting for the elevator together with the granddaughter of our neighbours. She is such a lovely girl and tries to speak english and I try my best with portuguese. For any one else it must be sounding hilarious, but we had so much fun.

So I decided to make Gorjuss for Beatrice the girl with the nicest smile of whole Brasil.

Beatrice loved it very much , I got a lots of kisses from her and from her mom.

3 July 2014


This time no cross stitch project, but something completely different.
 First I sketched the design with pencil onto the fabric and then decided that the stitch work would be blue. ( one of my favorite colours)
Thanks to my stitch bible I made and discovered some nice and new stitches. I also used beads and sequins and small ribbons.
I use it as a table runner in the kitchen , but actually it is a cushion cover.

12 June 2014


Yes I am ready to cheer for my national soccer/ football team THE NETHERLANDS.

  The colour orange is dominant and the tricolor  red white and blue is the accessory.
            Instead of a flag which I could not find, I made door wreath.

Tomorrow I am going to watch the game Holland - Spain in my orange shirt.
                       Happy Football from Rio to you all!!!!!!!

22 May 2014


Flip, my friend, it is not her real name, was having her birthday and what kind of a present do you give to an Australian radio broadcaster. Yes a colourful  embroidered hand towel.

I sewed a piece of fabric at the back of the towel, so she can you use it on both sides.

22 April 2014


Let me introduce my brasilan friend Marineia Reis.

She is an amazing woman, she runs a children shelter without funding from the government or any charity organisation. She get donations from church, help from the neighbours, or for example -a couple of weeks ago some students of a hospitality business school came and these youngster made a lovely buffet and entertained the children.
Marineira is so good with children, they are such a happy crowd. She has a big and great heart.

 Today there are 13 children but two weeks ago the number was 23. Some are adopted (one couple adopted 4 sisters and 1 brother) or other children go back to family - aunts, grandparents.
But some kids stay it is difficult to find a home for them.
The children are brought by the council, or just dumped in front of the shelter,
 there are crack children, street children, very poor families, or parents have too many kids.

Every time I visit the shelter the first 5 minutes I get showered by kisses, hugs, if I was a tree, they would climb in me. I always enjoy my time with Marineia and the kids.
I bring donations, toys, clothes sometimes money from friends of the expat community.

           Because I love and admire Marineia, I cross stitched this bouquet of anemones for her.


17 April 2014


                      This year I made a Easter wreath and it is hanging on my front door.

                       HAPPY EASTER     TOO YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1 April 2014


 In the line of Brazilians embroidery I made  a kitchen towel. You can find these towels almost at every market,  and mainly  with an old fashion floral pattern. I made this  modern colourful one for my daughter Myrthe. It  was a pleasure to stitch, because it was easy and didn't took a long time.



18 March 2014


My niece Alison became mother of twin boys,  so it was a good opportunity for me to cross stitch these lovely dears. I love the colours and the hippy style, a bit different than the usual baby stuff.
When I was in Holland I visit them and cuddle and kissed etc. these sweeties.
They stayed a while in the hospital, but the boys are at home now with mum and dad.

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