Time flies,  I haven't post for a while, my last writing was in September.
                                   It doesn't mean that I was being idle, I have been in Holland and Turkey
                          and I  cross stitched some towels and a few little gift bags or sachets for the wardrobe.
                        Also I did a back work project and some other cross stitch projects
                                  The pictures of all my creations I will show in the  following posts.
                         But I have to warn you,  there can be some delay.
                                   In 2015 there will be some big changes in my life.
                        First I am gonna be a grandmother for the first time, how wonderful is that! and
                          in February we are saying goodbye to Rio de Janeiro and say hello to
                             New Orleans.


                                     I made this towel for my portuguese teacher Andréa for teachers day.


Anonymous said...

Molto simpatico. ;-)))

Nurdan Kanber said...

It is so good to hearing from you ♥ How are you doing? Is everything fine up there?

As per your little happy fishes; they are so pretty! Love the towel ♥

Please take care of yourself ♥
Hugs and kisses

Chris said...

Dat zijn ècht grote veranderingen die staan te gebeuren in je leven!! Wat ontzettend leuk dat je oma gaat worden. Hier in Nederland? Dat is natuurlijk wel ver weg. En wat een overgang van Rio naar New Orleans. Heb je daar eerder gewoond of is het helemaal nieuw voor je?
In ieder geval wens ik je al vast hele fijne kerstdagen en een heel goed en gezegend 2015!! Liefs van mij.

summer said...

lovely little fishes. happy christmas to you. hope your move goes ok.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog.
I love the towel with the sweet fishes - what a great present for your teacher.
Congrats on becoming a grandmother next year!
Have a good weekend x

Priscila Ponto Cruz said...

So beautiful towel!

Daphne said...

Prachtig! En gefeliciteerd met het op handen zijnde oma-schap!

Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!
xx Daphne