27 January 2012

fairy rose

I started this project on arrival in Rio. It was a lot of work, well it kept me busy in the Sheraton where we stayed for over three months and I am very happy with the result,

23 January 2012


                           JORRIN is a new baby boy born on the 22 December 2011
                                 his mam is my friend Jennifer.
                                            WELCOME LITTLE JORRIN

11 January 2012

card for Gabriella

Gabriella's first Christmas

card for Barbara

                                      Christmas card i made for a dear friend who lives in Scotland.

10 January 2012

cross stitch magazine

Look what I found in the mail, my eldest niece Marlies has sent me this lovely magazine from Holland, unfourtenately too late for Christmas, can't say I am not prepared for  Christmas 2012.
thank you a million lovely Marlies.

6 January 2012

christmas card for my mam

                                                  I cross stitched and did some drawing with textile paint.

christmas card for Bonnie


                                          I  cross stitched this card for my golf friend Bonnie

2 January 2012

christmas cards

                                                some samples of Christmas cards I made

OLDIE 18/02/2016