23 December 2014

11 December 2014



                       Time flies,  I haven't post for a while, my last writing was in September.
                                   It doesn't mean that I was being idle, I have been in Holland and Turkey
                          and I  cross stitched some towels and a few little gift bags or sachets for the wardrobe.
                        Also I did a back work project and some other cross stitch projects
                                  The pictures of all my creations I will show in the  following posts.
                         But I have to warn you,  there can be some delay.
                                   In 2015 there will be some big changes in my life.
                        First I am gonna be a grandmother for the first time, how wonderful is that! and
                          in February we are saying goodbye to Rio de Janeiro and say hello to
                             New Orleans.


                                     I made this towel for my portuguese teacher Andréa for teachers day.

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