I name this ship "DEEPWATER PONTUS" 
May God bless this ship and all who sail upon her.

I am the Godmother of this beauty.

June 1 2017 was a very special day.

The naming ceremony in the shipyard from Busan, South Korea.

With Kony, she is wonderful and remarkable woman , a warm thank you for all the help and support and guidance during the day. 


Chris said...

Wat een gigant!! En wat zie jij er daar stralend uit. Hoe moet ik dat opvatten, godmother? Er was een speciale ceremonie? En hoe kwam je nou daar helemaal terecht?? Interessant!
Allemaal vragen.
Warme groet uit op dit moment warm Nederland.

Martina M said...

Congratulations, it sounds like a wonderful, successful day.
Best regards, Martina

Brigitte said...

Oh my, you were honored to baptize a ship. What an event.