19 September 2017


Last year when I was in Holland we went to the Nijntje / Miffi museum.
My daughter Myrthe lives in Utrecht and from her house it is a short, but lovely stroll through the city centre to the museum.
There I bought this cross stitch kit for my granddaughter Amarins.

Knor has the honour of first finish.

7 September 2017


My niece Marlies became mother in August.
The little boy is called Stijn and isn't he an adorable baby?

I cross stitched a Winnie the Pooh and glued it on a card.
So welcome sweet Stijn.
I can't wait to meet you, unfortunately we have to wait till October, then I will fly to Holland.

30 July 2017


Back in time
cross stitch from 3 December 2011.


              For my youngest niece who became 4 years,
                                                                       she likes pink and is a little princess


15 July 2017


Two cards for a new home.
My friend Pamela moved from a house to a brand new apartment and starting a new life for herself.

Alison my second niece bought with husband and the twin a bigger house, much renovation to do. Luckily her father recently retired and he was a big help.

                                                     Pamela and Alison  for you both;

                                         new hopes, new dreams, new friends, new faces,
                                         new scenes, new sites, new neighbours, new places

                                                  All of these things are my wish for you.

29 June 2017


I met Sandra, when I lived in Scotland, she is such a lovely lady and friend. Together we took all kind of classes in the health club - pilates, fit ball, young at heart- and had loads of fun. We drunk endless mugs of tea and as we went for shopping we always  end up in TK Maxx.

                                                                         I miss her company.

I am sure Sandra will love this towel and it's on its way to Aberdeen.

the front and back side of the guest towel.

13 June 2017


I name this ship "DEEPWATER PONTUS" 
May God bless this ship and all who sail upon her.

I am the Godmother of this beauty.

June 1 2017 was a very special day.

The naming ceremony in the shipyard from Busan, South Korea.

With Kony, she is wonderful and remarkable woman , a warm thank you for all the help and support and guidance during the day. 

24 April 2017


                                              My eldest niece is Marlies is pregnant from a boy.
                                          I found this pattern on the blog of  Daniela,


The cute fabric is surprisingly from the Walmart. I also bought  two pair of little socks wrapped it all and I put everything in an envelope ,went to the post office.
                                        This gift is on his way to Amerfoort Holland.

19 March 2017


 This patchwork style cross stitch heart is made a few years back. I haven't  posted on my blog.
                                The reason is; I had no clue what to do with it.
              I liked the patron very much and the initial plan was, to make a cushion cover.

                                     But I found another destination for this beauty.
                   Now it is attached on the inside door of the cupboard, where I keep my china Wedgwood .
                     I see the heart frequently when I open the door to take something out of the cupboard.


23 February 2017


I finished this in November 2016 and it was waiting in my study - craft room to get a finishing.
 Busy with the Christmas ornaments and other items I had no inspiration or time for it.
Last week I was in H&M , here in New Orleans they have a home department and I love to shop and to browse there.
I bought a black velvet cushion cover and here is the result. 

                                          I fasten the embroidery with press studs and
                            the reverse is in style with a pied de poule or houndstooth  fabric.

13 February 2017


Time flies, it's Mardi Gras 2017. 

Two years ago we moved to New Orleans just before the Mardi Gras 2015.

I bought  this needle point  in the Quarter Stitch  . 
The colours are typical from the Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Purple Green Yellow 
It is my first try with needle point if you look good you will see I made some errors.
Still I like it and it hangs outside next to the front door from our apartment.

"let the good times roll
laissez les bon temps rouler"

OLDIE 18/02/2016