27 January 2016


Last night we woke up by the sounds  of sirens and horning of fire brigade trucks.
It was about 3.45 when I made these pictures. Some historic buildings on Canal street got on fire.
The flames were so high and we live on the 12th floor.
The smoke clouds were horrendous big and so black full of little pieces fire.
The crew of 100 fire men were  working nonstop 12 hours and some are still there keeping the watch.

A big thank you to the NOFD of New Orleans, for keeping us safe.

22 January 2016


                                            One of my best friends in Holland became recently 60 years old.
We know each other for so long. In our teens we started at same time with a saturday job in the Hema a department store in Holland.  That was the beginning of our friendship.

                          My friend Roeli likes to cook and loves to wear an apron in the kitchen.
              I did some cross stitching and sewing and this colourful apron was ready in no time.

                                                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ROELI !!!

8 January 2016


I know this posting with  a picture of a Christmas stocking is late.
But I didn't want to spoil the surprise for my (grand) daughter for publishing it before Christmas.
The holiday season were busy with visitors, cooking, we even went to see the Nutcracker ballet in the Saenger theatre. 
There was not much time to post anything.

                                                       Is she not a cute this Bambi stocking?

            I cross stitched the design and sewed a lining and cuff from a cotton fabric with colourful stars.

  I found the pattern in my favourite magazine  the Cross stitcher, nowadays I buy the copies online and downloaded the design on my I pad.

OLDIE 18/02/2016