27 January 2016


Last night we woke up by the sounds  of sirens and horning of fire brigade trucks.
It was about 3.45 when I made these pictures. Some historic buildings on Canal street got on fire.
The flames were so high and we live on the 12th floor.
The smoke clouds were horrendous big and so black full of little pieces fire.
The crew of 100 fire men were  working nonstop 12 hours and some are still there keeping the watch.

A big thank you to the NOFD of New Orleans, for keeping us safe.


Claudette497 said...

Wow those are big flames! I'm glad you're safe!

Preeti said...

Sorry about the fire accident. Glad to know you are safe.

Ursula Szymik said...

Oh no! What a horrible Situation.

Heather said...

Oh no! I wonder what happened! I'm glad they got them out hopefully there wasn't much damage

Varla Lee said...

OH my guiness!! I can wonder what you were feeling in that moment, but thanks God everething is pass now, right? Big warm hug.

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Oh my I'm sorry for this
I hope you are fine

Vlinder said...

Verschrikkelijk zeg...angstige momenten gehad dus..hulde aan de brandweer om dit te bestrijden! groetjes Petra

Brigitte said...

That must have been a scary couple of hours. I hope that nobody was hurt.

Chris said...

Dat was schrikken! Zo midden in de nacht. Is er niemand gewond geraakt? Wat ben je dan blij dat je veilig bent. Jullie wonen wel hoog zeg!!

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