20 September 2016


                             This embroidered towel is on its way to Holland. 
                          I made it for the Bibeth the daughter of my friend Vera.

                         She recently moved into a new apartment, started a new job.

                              She doubted if she was doing the right thing.

                            Here is a quote to encourage her. Well done Bibeth.


Brigitte said...

Such a wonderful gift that you stitched and sent to your friend's daughter. I'm sure she will appreciate it. said...

Just seen your blog. I look forward to seeing more posts. Happy Stitching!~ C's Cross Stitch Creations ~ aka East Coast Stitcher

Chris said...

Wat een enig, toepasselijk borduurtje voor haar. Elke keer als ze dat ziet, denkt ze: ja, ik doe het goed!

Marie Christine said...

Une broderie sympathique,quel plaisir pour le regard,j'admire également ces merveilleux savons colorés!

Nina Hobbysite said...

Mooie tekst

OLDIE 18/02/2016