Yesterday I went to Santa Cruz about 60 kilometers from where I live, It is not an easy trip to come there. I have to take two busses and a taxi to visit the children in the home.
For a couple of months the teachers of the public schools are on strike, so you can imagine the days can be long for the children and so now and then booooring !!!!!
So I took some of my embroidery threads, needles, fabrics etc. with me and we had a lovely time and op top of that we were counting in English and singing in Dutch ( I don't know any english or portuguese children's songs).

     This beauty is from Raquel, she was the only one who could do the cross stitch and it is not finished.

Two boys were also stitching, Alexander made this wonderful airplane for me.

 if you are interested in the home here is their Facebook page, unfortunately all in portuguese but there are some pictures.  



Valma said...

so kind from you
I'm sure the children had a great funny moment
beautiful airplane =)

Julie said...

Lovely work by the children.

Pauline said...

Wat leuk dat je dat hebt gedaan met de kinderen!

summer breeze said...

I bet the children had a wonderful time, the plane looks great :)

Chris said...

Wat ontzettend leuk dat je dat doet! Hoeveel kinderen waren er? Heb je dat één keer gedaan of ga je er vaker heen. Zo beleef je nog eens wat!

Chris said...

What a super way to help with children I am sure they all loved it.
Chris x