I am not a really crafty person, but recently I made these two young ladies.
Once in a fortnight my husband and I are visiting a home for abandoned, neglected children in Santa Cruz, about an hour from where we live. There are 23 children from the age 2 till 12 years. So these  two dolls will brighten up the bedroom for the girls.


Tania said...

These are such lovely dolls! And so nice of you to make them as a gift for those girls!

summer breeze said...

What a wonderful thing you do for the children, these little dolls will bring hours of pleasure. bless your heart and I think you are very crafty :)they ARE beautiful.

Brigitte said...

They are so sweet, these dolls. You can be sure that the girls will love them.

Chris said...

Wat een plaatjes! Daar word je toch helemaal blij van, alleen al het kijken er naar. Laat staan dat die kinderen er dolblij mee zullen zijn! ENIG!!

Julie said...

How lovely

Lumiruusu said...

Hand made Dolls have allways so much character and personality and thse are super sweet :)
I love their colorfull clothhs and sweetsmiles :)
You have a kind heart-even
the Angels in Heaven will be happy when You give these dolls to the girls !

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a lovely thing to do.

I have some Winnie the Pooh postcards of the bear visiting some English Landmarks. Would the girls know who Winnie the Pooh is?

I could send them to you to pass onto the girls if you think they might like them.

Lillie said...

Such sweet thoughts and I am sure it's a joy to the girls to received the dolls.

Valma said...

such sweet gifts you made
sure the little girls loved them
those dolls are really funny and well done
(and you are crafty =D)