6 March 2013


Drawing, painting, sewing, cross stitching 
the cats at the top are painted and the lower ones are cross stitched. 
the fabric of the bag is from an old shirt, so as well a bit of recycling .


Bordados em Ponto Cruz e Livres said...

Boa Tarde!!
Cara Alice amanhã estarei postando seu presente...não esqueci tá..bjss..Neldeni

Topcho said...

So cute! Love the kitties - my fav is the small orange striped one :D

Loubie69 said...

Great finish, the cats are really cute :-)

Los pinkeeps de Laura said...

La bolsita te ha quedado preciosa.
Un abrazo.

Девушка с характером said...

So many cats and they are so different! I like this bag!