Drawing, painting, sewing, cross stitching 
the cats at the top are painted and the lower ones are cross stitched. 
the fabric of the bag is from an old shirt, so as well a bit of recycling .


Bordados em Ponto Cruz e Livres said...

Boa Tarde!!
Cara Alice amanhã estarei postando seu presente...não esqueci tá..bjss..Neldeni

Topcho said...

So cute! Love the kitties - my fav is the small orange striped one :D

Loubie69 said...

Great finish, the cats are really cute :-)

Los pinkeeps de Laura said...

La bolsita te ha quedado preciosa.
Un abrazo.

Девушка с характером said...

So many cats and they are so different! I like this bag!