23 December 2016

22 December 2016

19 December 2016


                                        Dear Santa is number 7  and is on his way to Holland.
                               I am sure he gets a prominent spot in the tree from my daughter Myrthe.

14 December 2016


                                 Here is number 5 of the ornaments I stitched this year.

8 December 2016


                                                               Ornament number 4

6 December 2016


                                                            Number three is on show.

1 December 2016

22 November 2016


Baby Henry is already a month old, he is the son of our dearest friends Mark and Karen.                   He is such a cute little boy.
I bought some presents for him from Holland and from Brazil, his mom is Brazilian. I don't do baby showers or give presents while mom is pregnant. It has something to do with superstition.
When I came to meet Henry I gave Henry and his parents all the presents and one of it was this framed embroidery.


16 November 2016


For my aunt Wies she lives in Holland and is over 80 years. I send her a card from time to time.

8 November 2016


Baby Louisa is a one year old fashionista.
She loves the bag I made for her, with a cross stitched Miffy on the front.
In her bag you will find toys, snacks, books and a remote control. 
Actually everything what a one year old need. 

Have fun little Louisa.

1 November 2016


This post is from 16 December 2013

I lived 4 years in Norway and there I fell in love with the JULENISSEN little people dressed in white and red and always a beautiful long red hat on top of their head.
 So when I came across with this pattern for a Christmas runner I knew that's one of my Christmas projects.
Buying fabric, stitching, sewing well here is  the runner ready for Christmas on my kitchen table.
                                                 and it looks very cool (James of 4 years)

The following two pictures you see some of my ornaments in the kitchen.
 It is a mix of Dutch and Norwegian.



                        the  blog of Diana from Germany, she has great interior designs ideas.          


20 October 2016


We have been to Holland and Turkey to our families and friends.
This time my husband joined me and we had rented a cottage
at Zandvoort, because friends and family are living all over the place in Holland
The temperature was lovely  and we enjoyed the seaside a great deal and we did see almost everybody. In Turkey we stayed with family and had cheerful and delicious meals together.

It was wonderful to see our granddaughter Amarins, she walks now, ooh  babies growing so fast.
Amarins loves the song Twinkle Twinkle and I found a nice pattern and decide to make her a bag.
It is handy for the daycare to put her toys and all the other stuff she needs.

OLDIE 18/02/2016