16 June 2013


This evening I will fly from Rio de Janeiro direction Amsterdam, with a stopover at Frankfurt Airport.
Myrthe -my daughter-  will pick me up from Schiphol Amsterdam, but before we are heading towards  her place. We are going to "Het Panoramaterras " and have our traditional'  appeltaart with cappuccino.

                                              I would say see you again in 15 days.
                                                           lots of  love Alice

14 June 2013


A cross stitch magazine all the way from Turkey. It contains great patterns  and ideas. I am so pleased, even my husband loved it, --of course he is turkish--, always handy with translation.
 Next time we visit Turkey I have a mission, buying this wonderful magazine.

                             THANK YOU SO MUCH,  TEŞEKKÜR EDERIM,  NURDAN.

                                            one of my projects will be to stitch the evil eye.

3 June 2013


My friend and neighbour Tara made a trip to New York and look what she bought for me.
                                  Cross stitch magazines.
That was a big surprise so thoughtful  of her,  a big thank you and as we say in Brasil

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