31 October 2013


When I was in Holland I bought some cross stitch magazines and these little cards were freebies, actually  there were three , but i finished these two. 
Its always nice to do something small when you're stitching a bigger project, at the moment I am stitching a christmas stocking. Pictures will follow.
Wish you all a great day.


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15 October 2013


Yesterday I went to Santa Cruz about 60 kilometers from where I live, It is not an easy trip to come there. I have to take two busses and a taxi to visit the children in the home.
For a couple of months the teachers of the public schools are on strike, so you can imagine the days can be long for the children and so now and then booooring !!!!!
So I took some of my embroidery threads, needles, fabrics etc. with me and we had a lovely time and op top of that we were counting in English and singing in Dutch ( I don't know any english or portuguese children's songs).

     This beauty is from Raquel, she was the only one who could do the cross stitch and it is not finished.

Two boys were also stitching, Alexander made this wonderful airplane for me.

 if you are interested in the home here is their Facebook page, unfortunately all in portuguese but there are some pictures.  


10 October 2013


I made another coaster this one for my daughter Myrthe.

The pattern  the 'evil eye' or in turkish 'nazar boncuḡu' is from a turkish magazine.
 Nurdan Kanber      send the magazine which is called Yumak to me a couple of months ago.

I gave the fabric some colour with dye, but is it very difficult to find art stuff in Rio, so it is try and error. I still can't manage a good round circle, luckily Myrthe is not very picky and is always happy with small presents.


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