24 September 2013



  James of 3 years loves cars and especially those character cars from Disney.
Its hard to find nice cross stitch patterns in Rio, so it is impossible to come a cross a Mcqueen car, luckily I found a tiny  chart on Pinterest. I cross stitched it in front of my laptop.
I made a little bag so he can put is cars in it and take them to nursery without loosing his precious cars.


17 September 2013


                                        Two of my orchids are in full bloom aren't they beautiful.

2 September 2013


I am not a really crafty person, but recently I made these two young ladies.
Once in a fortnight my husband and I are visiting a home for abandoned, neglected children in Santa Cruz, about an hour from where we live. There are 23 children from the age 2 till 12 years. So these  two dolls will brighten up the bedroom for the girls.

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